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Postdoctoral candidates should write a letter of interest, CV, and the names of 2-3 individuals who know the candidate and their work well.


Individuals interested in graduate training in the Golding Lab have two programs to choose from, depending on their background and interests. Candidates can apply to the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences (ILS) Graduate Program, hosted in the Molecular Biosciences Department, or the Institute for Neuroscience (INS) Graduate Program, which covers Neuroscience sub disciplines from molecular to systems levels.


The Golding Lab periodically has positions for undergraduate researchers available. Research progress for undergraduates requires a consistent and significant time commitment. Students who wish to make inquiries should email Dr. Golding with a brief paragraph stating:

  1. Their goals and interest in research and the lab

  2. Their degree program and year (freshman, sophomore, etc.)

  3. Any relevant coursework they have taken (a CV is helpful)

  4. The number of hours available per week (10 hours is the minimum required), noting continuous blocks of time in their schedule.

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